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Peace of Mind

This Honeywell Home Personal Medical Transmitter from Resideo can be used with a belt clip, lanyard, or wristband. It is part of the SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology family, which includes a broad selection of devices for intrusion, life safety, and property protection, giving users immediate and convenient access to important system functions.


Color Gray, Black
Product Height 0.6 in, 15.2 mm
Product Length 1.6 in, 40.6 mm
Product Width 1.8 in, 45.7 mm
Battery Size Duracell DL2450, Panasonic CR2450, Energizer CR2450, 3V
Battery Type Lithium


Next generation, two-way, encrypted wireless peripherals are easy to install, support remote diagnostics and updates to reduce truck rolls, and are secured to protect accounts from competitive takeover.

  • SiX™ sensors feature a battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust to speed installation and eliminate errors
  • Devices can be configured remotely as needed, reducing the need to schedule on-site visits.
  • The System Health Check feature lets you monitor device signal strength, sensor settings, and battery life anytime, anywhere via AlarmNet 360™, letting you quickly and proactively troubleshoot.
  • SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology employs true, 128-bit AES encryption for a high level of security.
  • Reduce truck rolls with user-replaceable batteries and the ability to remotely adjust sensor parameters and download software updates.