Honeywell Home 6150RF

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Item Details


  • 6150 Deluxe Keypad
  • 5881ENM 16-Zone Wireless Receiver
  • 5800TM Status Transmitter
  • On-board relay
  • Single four-wire run is all that's required
  • It is the ideal choice where wireless keys are to be used:
    - Keys can be programmed at the panel, just as they would with the 5881ENM
    - Keys can be enrolled locally at the keypad, without taking up additional zones at the control
  • Fully compatible with all 5800 wireless devices.
  • The 5800TM module needed to support the 5804BD and 5804BDV is already built-in
  • Supports encrypted operation of the 5804E and 5804BDV four-button keys
  • On-board single relay provides  a low cost solution for opening garage doors. With a four-button remote key, a key can be assigned for the garage door

Stylishly Designed

  • Sleek white design blends with any décor
  • Contoured, removable door lets customers customize the keypad for the look they want
  • With the door closed the keypad has a smooth, unobtrusive appearance

Easy to Operate

  • The fixed English display is easy to read, with large characters and simplified descriptions.
  • The sounder beeps to help identify security system status.
  • Comfortable soft-touch keys, labeled with simple commands, are illuminated for nighttime visibility.
  • Four larger function keys can be programmed for one touch operation and are accessible even when the door is closed.