Porch Pirates No More: How to Protect Your Packages

Porch Pirates No More: How to Protect Your Packages

Apr 4th 2019

Package thieves. Amazon bandits. Porch pirates.

It seems like we can't let a single day pass without hearing about a package being stolen.

Thieves adapt with the times just like anyone else. What better way to turn an illicit profit than stealing packages off of doorsteps?

If you're looking to avoid this common crime you're in luck. Read on and we'll show you how to ensure your packages are protected from the prowlers who would seek to liberate you of your package.

The Best Solution

We'll be upfront here, the best solution to making sure your package gets to you without being stolen is to be where it's delivered.

For some people, this can mean sending the package to work, for others it's just being home at the right time to pick it up upon delivery. It depends on your own personal schedule.

Having a friend or neighbor pick up the package is also a good idea if you simply can't make it happen.

Getting your package off the porch and into your house as soon as it arrives is the only foolproof way to ensure your package isn't stolen.

It's also not always possible, so other measures can be taken to protect your package as best as possible.

If you're in an area where porch piracy is a serious concern you may want to simply opt for Amazon Key instead. This service allows delivery people to put the package directly in your home and skip the mess entirely if you're comfortable with it.

Understanding Package Thieves

Package theft is a little bit different from most other forms of residential threat. The people who engage in it often aren't hardened burglars for the most part.

The problem is that it's a common enough problem that thieves have developed their own methods specifically for stealing packages. Since less than 1 in 10 of these thieves are prosecuted it's a "safe" way to steal for the most part.

The fact is this: most package thieves will want to be done with the job as quickly as possible. There are tons of cases of people nabbing deliveries moments after they've been set down on the doorstep.

More than that, some rings will even follow delivery trucks and move in immediately after the package has been laid down.

For now, package thieves often get away with their crimes even when videotaped. That means your porch security should be based around deterrence rather than just making sure you have the thief on camera.

Beefing Up Your Porch Pirate Deterrence

Keeping a thief from taking a package in the first place is better than relying on the police to track them down.

That means deterrence methods should be a priority in your DIY security setup.

Deterrence methods include clearly visible cameras, motion sensors, and alarms.

The latter can be hard to implement on your porch but the first two are great. Most thieves will scatter if they're sure that they're being watched or are going to end up on camera.

Motion lights aren't as big of a deterrent as people think but when combined with a visible CCTV camera the package thief knows they'll be recorded clearly.

The two biggest deterrents, according to former burglars, are cameras and loudly barking dogs. Both of them are good indicators a home is relatively secure. Being recorded and risking a dog attack isn't on most thieve's agendas.

Unfortunately, most package pilfering people are going to realize that the dog is inside, leaving cameras as the best option in most cases.

On days you know you'll receive a package a smart doorbell can come in handy. Most of them have motion sensor alerts which will go straight to your phone. That way you'll know when the package arrives and if anyone else is creeping around your doorstep.

Make it obvious that your porch is being recorded for the best results. Make sure the lights will illuminate whoever is trying to steal from you and get multiple angles so they can't hide their face.

Careful Camera Placement

While few porch pirates actually end up facing any consequences for their actions, you can do your best to make sure that they're caught.

Multiple cameras can help immensely with this task. Doorbell cameras are also extremely useful, usually giving a wide shot of the entire porch which can make it hard for thieves to hide.

Low angled cameras are good for getting faces on tape while higher ones can give an overview of the front yard including the vehicle that the thief is using.

You'll want as much information as possible if you're hoping to prosecute the thief. Acting quickly can help the police as well since they'll be on the lookout for package thefts in your area.

In any event, you'll want to file a claim with the shipping company and be sure to get a hold of the police as soon as possible. The earlier you act and the more you have for the report the better off you'll be in the aftermath.

Ready to Get Set Up?

If you're looking for the perfect way to keep porch pirates from looting your packages you're in luck.

We carry a wide range of different security equipment that will allow you to create a full home security system with minimal expense or difficulty.

If you're ready to make sure that package theft is far in your past, then check out our products and start on a customized theft deterrent system today.