10 Effective Home Security Ideas That Will Protect Your Home

10 Effective Home Security Ideas That Will Protect Your Home

Jun 13th 2018

There are, according to reports from the FBI, over two million burglaries in the United States each year. That's a staggering amount, and may give you cause for concern regarding the well-being of your home and your belongings.

To put that amount into perspective: that's one burglary every fifteen seconds in the US, which should give you some sense of just exactly how easy burglars find their way into American homes.

It's up to you, then, to protect your home against intruders and provide yourself some peace of mind. Burglars can be easily deterred if you take the proper precautions, and many are inexpensive and easy to implement in your home.

If you're worried about home safety, here are 10 easy and effective home security ideas that will help to protect your house and all inside of it.

Light Up Your Exteriors

Burglars prefer to operate under the cover of darkness, so installing more lighting to your yard, driveway, and front door area can make a huge difference in deterring potential robbers. Security lighting can be a simple home security home run, especially if you invest in motion-activated lights.

As with all yard and outdoor lighting, you should ensure that installation doesn't disrupt your neighbors or passing cars on the road.

Invest In An Alarm System

Though there are many ways you can help deter burglars from your home, the only sure-fire protection system is a professional alarm system for your home.

There are many different kinds of alarm systems available that can fit your different needs. The two main categories are monitored and non-monitored systems. Monitored systems are typically more expensive, but provide your home with professional around the clock surveillance. This means if the alarm is triggered, the security company will be aware and able to notify you and the authorities right away.

Unmoderated systems aren't connected 24/7 but will sound an alarm upon being triggered that will cause most burglars to quickly flee. You can also choose to DIY, which can save you huge money on installation as well as give you options when it comes to various technologies.

Remove The 'Hidden' House Key

One easy fix to increase the security of your home is removing that backup key you keep outside for 'just-in-case' scenarios.

You may think that the key is safely hidden, but most spots that homeowners tend to hide house keys have become commonplace. Under a rock or mat, in the mailbox, and above the door are all places a burglar can and will check for house keys.

A recommended change is to instead leave your backup key with a trusted neighbor, who you can call if you get locked out.

Add Forboding Signs

Burglars will likely size up your house before deciding to break in. Anything that you can put up on the exterior of your house to deter or intimidate them is a smart move.

Various signage, even if it is untrue, can be a great help. "Beware of Dog," or the insignia of various security systems, are both great examples of signs you could place on your house.

Use Interior Lighting Timers

Another cheap home security item is a light timer. There are many devices available that can turn on various lights and lamps on your home to a timed schedule.

Lights turning on and off in your house can give the illusion that someone is home even when you're not. Burglars are incredibly less likely to attempt to break into a home if they think a resident is present inside.

Check All of Your Windows

Though you likely remember to make sure your doors are locked before leaving the house, you might not be able to say the same about windows.

It's essential that you check to make sure that all the windows in your home have working locks, and that they remain locked when you leave your house unattended. Burglars can easily use pressure to lift an unlocked window from the outside and enter your home. Windows are just as important to keep locked as doors when it comes to simple home security.

Assess Home Doors

Keeping doors locked in your home might also not be enough. If you're concerned about door security, you should check to make sure that the doors in your home are made of the proper material. Doors made with hollow material should be replaced with doors made of wood or metal for maximum security.

Sliding glass doors can also be an easy point of entry-- you should keep a wood block or extra safety latch wedged between the door and the back wall to help prevent entry.

Replace Door Locks

If you're wondering how to best secure a door, it's important to look at the kind of lock present. Every door in your home should have a grade 1 or 2 deadbolt lock that penetrates the door frame.

Locks are often the weakest part of a door, and ensuring that you have the proper protection can greatly reduce the risk of break-ins.

Increase Security on Gates of Fences

A big issue homeowners frequently encounter is just how easily a burglar can hop their gate or fence and enter the backyard area.

It is recommended that if you have a gate leading to your backyard that it be as high as possible to avoid easy access. Metal gates are also preferable to wood fencing if possible, as they are more difficult to climb and provide less cover for burglars to hide.

Call On The Police

If you want a really thorough test of your home security, don't hesitate to give the local police station a call. Many municipal police departments offer complimentary home inspections to residents and community members.

If called, an officer will stop by and walk through your home with you, looking for any potential issues and recommending simple and cost-effective home security ideas.

Need More Home Security Ideas?

Home protection is a highly important concern for the modern American, but it doesn't have to be a stressful process or an expensive one.

If you're still looking for more home security ideas or advice, check out our blog or contact us today for any and all home security needs.